Different techniques, always high quality

I work at my bench with ancient goldsmithing techniques using precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. In my designs, I combine these with diamonds and a range of other precious stones as well as different natural materials. I draw my ideas first by hand and later on, if applicable, in Rhino CAD.

With each of my customers I discuss ideas regarding the piece to be created, either in person, per mail or over the phone. Based on this I make sketches and often a model in carving wax that we review together. For customers living outside of Switzerland, I usually send the models per post. I carefully take the time to find out what my customer is looking for and translate this into my design expression.

For each custom made item, I document the artisan process with my camera and present the customer with a small but elegant photo book together with the final product.

I ensure high quality and durability in the jewellery that I make and my designs are always personal. Every piece reflects me as a designer as well as the person it is intended for.

All pieces are designed and made by me out of Zug, Switzerland. Whenever possible, I source materials from local distributors and when needed I cooperate with local stone setters and metal casting experts. I use only recycled metals from the company Gyr AG in Baar, certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council in London. I thereby have the right to use the Swiss “Oekogold”-Label.

Apart from new designs, I also restore and change old pieces of jewellery. Many of my customers have inherited items that remind them of a loved one and by changing the size or part of the design, replace or add stones and pearls these beautiful pieces of jewellery can be worn again.